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McGuire Murder Mysteries

Meet Alabama Author

Judi McGuire

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The Main Character - meet the author

   A few years ago, I discovered two things about myself. I enjoy reading fiction murder mysteries, and I enjoy writing. As a result, I decided to combine the two and become a writer. The results have been amazing. I am now an Alabama fiction murder mystery author, having just completed my fourth novel. Someone said that “the road to success is always under construction,” so I am continuing to learn new writing techniques that will improve my style, and I am letting the beauty of what I enjoy become what I do.

The Motive - for writing

I spent a thirty-year career as a registered lobbyist in Washington, DC, and Montgomery, Alabama.  Having a grueling schedule, I read murder mysteries while on airplanes, in hotels, and anywhere else that would allow me to have an enjoyable downtime.  Since I was in politics, I enjoyed reading murder mysteries that took place in Washington.  I especially enjoyed President Truman's daughter, Margaret's mystery novels which highlighted crimes that took place in the CIA, FBI, White House, Capitol Building, etc.  I also watched a lot of Perry Mason shows.  The observance of body language was a big part of my job as a lobbyist which I found to be easily incorporated into solving mysteries.

     Judi has written two murder mystery series - Murder in Blount County and Murder in St. Clair County.  You will find non-fiction blended with fiction as you read these novels. See if you can figure out whodunit!

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