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Tips on How to Write a Novel

Step One - Develop Your Story Idea

March 15, 2020

Take your time and think about all the possibilities for a story idea that will engage your readers. When you just cannot seem to get the story out of your head, then start writing ,because you now have a plot. Remember, for it to be a novel, it must be over 50,000 words!

Step Two - Outline or Write as You Go

March 17th

Decide if you write by an outline of if you prefer to just write and let it develop as you go.

- A person writing by an outline maps our everything before beginning the story. You know who your characters are and what will happen from beginning to end.

- If you are like me, you prefer to start writing and discover how it progresses.

Step Three - Create an Unforgettable Character

April 17, 2020

Before you even start page one, identify your characters. Your main character must have heroic qualities that emerge at the end of your story.

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Step Four - Turn Your Story Idea into a Plot.

April 21, 2020

Did you know that Stephen King doesn’t plot? And there are other writers who don’t – The downside is:

You are not Stephen King. I’m not either!

Most writing coaches will tell you to follow a basic story structure. I agree.

- An opener

- An incident that changes everything

- A few crises that will build tension

- A climax

- A conclusion

Step Five - Research!

May 15, 2020

Of course, you know that fiction is made up, but to succeed it must be believable.

When one of my characters uses a weapon, I research to make sure my facts are accurate. If I get details wrong, I risk the chance of a reader losing interest in my story.

Step Six - Grab Your Reader on Page One.

May 16, 2020

You must grab your reader on page one. The goal of every sentence is to get the reader to be eager to read the next page.

Having doubts you can be a writer?

- Don’t be overwhelmed by the novel-writing process

- Take it one page at a time

- You CAN do this!!

You may be asking, “How long does it take to write a novel?”

- It should take as long as necessary.

- From experience, I would say for a 100,000-word novel, it will take from six to nine months.

You can start calling yourself a writer when you finish the first page.