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McGuire Murder Mysteries


How to Solve a Mystery by: Homer Yancey

How good are you at connecting the dots? The word “detective” means uncovering the truth. It’s about detecting both what is possible and doubtful. You don’t need to be a detective to think like one.

Observe rather than see. The detective is patient. He let’s everyone share their own point of view. Don’t judge what they say, just observe and don’t jump to conclusions. Try to make sense out of small details which might trigger an “Aha!” moment.

Thinking like a detective is being obsessed about solving a problem. No matter the detective style you want to use, you can’t solve problems alone. Find your sidekick. In Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate, my sidekick was Pete Hicks.

How to Gather Clues

     I enjoy writing fiction murder mysteries, with its blend of high stakes, high tension, and the ability to draw you in as a detective. In this novel, you will find that I attempted to blend the feeling of a great read for you with the sense that you are playing a game. Can you figure out whodunit before it’s revealed?

     If it is a game, then both of us need to know the rules. I believe that everyone thinks in his heart that he is a born detective. I wrote this fiction murder mystery knowing that you could solve the case. That’s not to say that you actually can solve the mystery, just that perhaps you could if you spent more time mulling over it.

When the mystery is solved and the suspect is revealed, you should be able to trace the story back and see the path you could have followed. If you can’t figure out whodunit and think to yourself, “I should have guessed that.” Then one of my goals has been accomplished, which is for you to love and admire Homer Yancey.

As you read Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate, I hope you will join the efforts of Yancey Investigative Services, the Moody Police Department and the FBI by helping them unravel the complicated plot surrounding Jonathan Mitchell’s death.

 - Judi McGuire