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McGuire Murder Mysteries

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Murder in St. Clair County: 

The Candidate


Judi's Blog

Secrets and Places Behind the Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate

Meet the Main Characters in the book,

Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate

April 3, 2020

Homer Yancey is the main character in the McGuire Murder Mystery novels. He rose from a humble lifestyle to a highly respected detective after solving several local murders. Recently he formed Yancey Investigative Services and in Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate, Homer, and his team are hired by the Moody Police Department to help solve the murder of a high-profile candidate running for governor. Without a doubt, you will fall in love with this sixty-five-year-old man with an Appalachian accent. His folksy-yet-witty quotes may keep you laughing, but you will learn that his keen investigative skills are no laughing matter.

Tyler Frye joined Yancey Investigative Services in Mrs. McGuire’s last novel. He earned a criminal justice degree from Jacksonville State University, but more importantly, he has earned the respect and confidence of his mentor, Homer Yancey. Tyler is one of Homer’s trusted friends. He is willing to lead when asked but relies heavily on Homer’s expertise.

Tom Lynch is a former FBI agent. After leaving the Bureau, he became a professor of criminal justice at Jacksonville State University. Tyler Frye was one of his star pupils, who was determined to investigate his grandfather’s disappearance years ago. Tom joined in his efforts, and while gathering facts surrounding the case, they met Homer Yancey. After the case was solved, they formed Yancey Investigative Services. Tom’s FBI experience, investigative expertise, and calm disposition are valuable to the team.

Zach Thomas Zach’s uncle, Tom Lynch, invited him to join the team. He is the team’s lawyer and researcher. He also reluctantly joined in the investigation. His legal expertise helps the team understand the importance of properly gathering evidence for future convictions, proper procedures for interviewing witnesses, and the judicial method necessary in making an arrest. Homer and Zach have a keen sense of humor, necessary in a stressful job.

Pete Hicks is a real police detective with the Moody Police Department. In Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate, Pete, and Homer share leadership roles in this suspenseful novel. When the progress of the investigation becomes frustrating, his new friend, Homer Yancey, helps ease the tension with his humor. You will enjoy getting to know Police Investigator Sergeant Pete Hicks as you read about Homer and his action-packed adventures in their pursuit of justice.

Book Club Questions:  Secrets and Places

April 3, 2020

  • Why were people looking up during the campaign rally?
  • What is the name of the candidate running for governor that was murdered?
  • What type of weapon was used to commit the murder?
  • Who became the candidate after the murder?
  • What kind of weapon was used to kill the candidate?
  • Where was the murdered victim taken?
  • Who is Homer’s best friend?
  • What is your favorite Homer quote?
  • What did the investigate team do every morning at 8:00 a.m.?
  • How many people were arrested and on what charges?

Judi's New Book Release - April 2020 

April 3, 2020

Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate

     Judi McGuire brings you fascinating inside information from her career in federal and state government via the characters in her latest fiction novel, Murder in St. Clair County: The Candidate. Mrs. McGuire worked for a U.S. congressman, an Alabama governor, and was a registered lobbyist for over thirty years. Mrs. McGuire’s vast experience enabled her to incorporate unique details in this novel known only to political insiders.

     When she retired from politics, Judi laid down the law books and picked up a pen to pursue a writing career. The results have been amazing.

     As you become acquainted with the charming characters, you will feel you are a part of the townsfolks who live in this beautiful rural county that is rich in history. The author’s ability to skillfully drop clues through the plot, several twists, and turns and an occasional splash of humor will keep you turning the pages of this action-filled novel, to see if you indeed can figure out whodunit.

     Mrs. McGuire says, “In addition to the fun of imaging you are collecting clues to see if you can solve the murder before it is revealed, it is my hope that by providing a description of beautiful settings and landmarks, you will be motivated to come to visit us. If you are willing to take that challenge, then I think you will agree with me that the people who live here are St. Clair County’s richest treasure.”